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Our Services

  • Grid Tie System
  • Commercial Solar
  • Custom Solar Carports
  • Custom Setups

We offer unmatched customer service, which is backed up by the satisfaction of our customers. We offer service to all parts of Arizona and surrounding areas. That includes our staple, the grid tie system, commercial, and custom setups.

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Why Choose Us

Solar power is the energy source with the biggest potential on our planet. We strive to harness that clean power. We offer an affordable way to do that, such as our grid tie system. We will give you the best service and help you along your going solar journey.

Snowflake Arizona Solar Contractor

If you are looking for a Snowflake Arizona solar contractor look no further than Positive Solar LLC. Being residents of a town like Snowflake we know what people here value and want. Our goal is to help this community become more energy and economically self sufficient. We do this in communities like Snowflake by providing zero down payment plans so that you can achieve your self sufficient dreams. Give us a call at (928) 536-7867 for a free estimate and quote.

Snowflake, Arizona was founded in 1878 by Erastus Snow and William Jordan Flake. Which according to Wikipedia, Snowflake is a town of nearly 6,000 located in eastern Arizona. Consequently, the relatively low population of the town provides its citizens and visitors the great small town feel many love. Along with that it is also home to many families and small businesses, two the things that they value. For more info see the Town of Snowflake's website.